How To Compose A Brilliant Phd Dissertation Proposal

If you think about writing a dissertation proposal, for sure you want to impress your professor and obtain extra marks. In most of universities writing a dissertation proposal is completely optional, but it is a good thing to do if you really want to get the attention of your favorite teacher. If the submission of a proposal is obligatory, you need to make even more effort to make sure that this will bring a good addition to your final grade. Here are some tips on how to compose a brilliant dissertation proposal:

  • Know very well the topic of your dissertation. In your paper you need to mention this, as well as reasons why you chose this topic, what is your perspective on the matter and if you plan to do research on the subject in the future. Any addition about persons that you admire in the field or a research paper that impressed you will be considered a huge plus.
  • Make sure to write all the sources that you used for your paper. Especially when it comes to quotes, you need to be sure to mention the source and the place where you found it. Any exact information must be supported by exact dates and you need to provide proof for your statements. All your paper must be easy to be verified by anyone, not to contain confusing paragraphs.
  • Ask the professor that is supervising you for a feedback. He is the most appropriate person to tell you what you have to change about your work or how can you improve it. Besides, you can ask him for books or any kind of documentation on the topic of your dissertation just to make sure that your research is effective and complete.
  • The grammar is really important. Not only that you need to use a very formal approach, you need to make sure that your entire composition is grammatically correct and error-free. Besides, it needs to be engaging but to not offer useless information. Anyone who will read it needs to understand the main subject of your dissertation and what ways you used to build it, but not every detail and aspect of your work. Keep it as simple and concise as possible.
  • Do not reveal too much. Maybe your PhD paper has a surprising new perspective or some new information that will create debates on the subject; do not reveal this in your proposal, keep it for the main presentation.