List Of Interesting Wedding Dissertation Titles

What do you mean by a dissertation?

A dissertation is entirely different from the rest of class assignments in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. It is a document which is similar to thesis submitted by the final year students about a particular topic.


The tutor expects you to take the responsibility of learning by your own by choosing a method of study and write up the findings and discuss it. The student can determine the focus and direction of their work by finishing his paper.

Why degree programs include research papers?

Most of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs include dissertation programs in the final year of study. These programs mainly aim to identify the area of interest of the study of the students. It helps students explore an area in depth and define their own questions. The students can experience the process of producing knowledge, which they have never experienced before. Since students are managing the work right from the start, it will be a great exposure for them to manage projects.


The wedding day is the most special day in a person’s life. People spend plenty of their time in planning their wedding as well as their friends’ weddings. The style and fashion of wedding celebration trends keep changing. There is a huge scope for students to find a dissertation topic from this area.

List of wedding dissertation titles

  • Today marriage symbolizes wealth and security. People are ready to spend huge amounts for marriage celebrations; the only condition from them is the security from the planner who plans the marriage celebrations.
  • They want everything to go smoothly on the marriage day. There is a huge scope for preparing a research paper on this topic. Here are a few interesting topics.
  • Are couples who don’t use a marriage celebration planning process more likely to go over the budget compared to the couples who use a planning process keeping to their budget?
  • Do you think the current economic state affected the marriage planning industry?
  • How do you compare wedding trends in the 21st century with the trends in 1990’s?
  • Do modern marriage customs alter the traditional customs?
  • Will marriage planning industry have a growth in the near future?
  • What are the media effects of marriage planning industry?
  • How important is the role of the marriage celebration planner?
  • Do you think that the current marriage celebration trends are costly?

These are some of the marriage related dissertation topics. Plenty of topics from this industry are available as marriage industry is growing.