Where To Go Looking For A Winning APA Dissertation Proposal Template

You’re probably never going to experience a more stressful or difficult task than having to complete your dissertation. It can take several months and sometimes an entire year to finish, and it will be the main culprit behind dozens of sleepless nights and countless headaches. After several months spending your time and energy in researching and writing your drafts you probably aren’t going to want to struggle to find a reliable APA dissertation proposal template to work with. So here are a few great suggestions for finding one:

Get a copy from your advisor

Your dissertation advisor will have plenty of experience with the proper style and format for a proposal, and he or she will likely have plenty of good templates for you to use. If the professor is new to the institution or department you’ll want to make sure that the sample you receive meets all of the criteria, but you’re probably going to be better off than you would be if you just tried to figure it out on your own.

Download a copy from you department website

The only way to be entirely sure you meet all of your school’s requirements is to download a copy of a template from the department’s website. If a copy isn’t available then you should be able to contact the department administration and ask them to provide you with a certified template. If this still doesn’t get you anywhere then it’s in your best interest to ensure you have some direction and know where else to look.

Go to your school’s main website

You should be able to find a generic dissertation proposal template on your school’s main website. This is going to be filled with a number of free resources so it can require you to search around for a bit. You’ll notice that the examples will likely look similar to those found on other academic websites. This is fine and is generally a simple attempt to keep things consistent among different schools.

Use an APA style guide for reference

Lastly, you should try looking in an APA style and formatting guide for any references to an online template or one that may appear in the appendix. If you are writing in a discipline that primarily uses an APA guide then you should already be aware with some really copies. If you don’t already own one then a reference librarian should point you a current edition.