The Best Marketing Thesis Topics

A marketing thesis can be written on a variety of topics. The field of marketing itself is complex so it is a matter of determining what you want to about and at what angle. Marketing is a subject area constantly evolving. It is a unique phenomenon that has a big impact on how we live, earn money, promote products, develop products, and other solutions. At the same time it is one of the top areas that earn the most in revenue every year. Studying the concept itself may make for an interesting thesis topic.

Determine Your Interests and Choose via Process of Elimination

Marketing presents a number of concepts from technology, economics, finance, and so forth. It helps to start looking at areas you are familiar with or that interest you. Come up with a list of subjects and general ideas that you would be interested in researching and writing about. Then, start eliminating your options after studying each one. You may have several reasons why you like and dislike certain ideas. The ideas with the most likes are something you could turn your focus to. Ask yourself if you can write about it from a new or unique perspective. Approaching the topic from a different angle may encourage you to conduct thorough research when it’s time to start writing.

Consider Course Subjects You Have Studied or Your Future Career

You are studying in the field of marketing for a reason. What may you decide to study within the field? Were there class discussions that sparked an interesting argument about a particular subject you want to explore further? What about your future career path; where do you see yourself working? Are there aspects about this career you would change, improve, or do away with? What are innovative new concepts being explored in this field? Starting a marketing company is something many marketing students work toward; what are aspects in this your peers may or may not be looking forward to after graduation?

Additional Tips and Suggestions for Marketing Thesis Topics

Popular concepts in marketing such as marketing ethics, new technology, cross-culture marketing, mixed media, and the history of the concept itself makes for interesting writing content. It a matter of understanding how to approach your topic in order to create an interesting essay. Seek sample thesis essays for other ideas. Talk to people who work in the field to get some ideas.