Finding Strong History Doctoral Dissertation Topics

For a history dissertation consider writing on:

  1. two distinct time periods in history
  2. how a historical event shaped current events
  3. what role geopolitics plays in economic growth

Try and “test” your argument or your topic by having a discussion about it with friends or family members who are unfamiliar with it. Use your academic jargon and see what questions they have or what background information they need. This can point you toward what background information you should supply. If you talk over your topic with friends and family you will also find out rather quickly whether your argument is solid and whether you have enough evidence to support all of the points you want to present.

Keep all of your research organized from the very start. Any information that you find throughout the course of your work should be reworded and maintained well. The last thing you want is to end up searching frantically for the source of the one quote you wrote down on a scrap of paper or scanning the book for the right page. Try and integrate keywords to refer to pieces of the book you are reading. Categorize your notes based on whether it is a key idea or a piece of evidence. As you are researching it can help to use color coordinated note cards for information and then to convert those notes to a master document. For every quote or note you make write the corresponding bibliographic information next to it. If you prefer working with your hands then stick to writing your notes. If you prefer using a computer then use a note taking tool or software program to help you stay on track.

**If you can find a program that automatically updates and alphabetizes your citations and corresponding in text citations you will save yourself a great deal of time later on.

In order for you to finish your work on time it is imperative that you create a plan and you stick with it. Having a well thought out plan is essential and keeping to it is hard work but definitely worth it. Chances are you have a busy schedule and equally time consuming amounts of homework from every class in addition to you extra curricular activities and perhaps even a job. Because of these demands it can be quite difficult to find time to work on essays. But making a plan can ensure you have the time.