Working on a Dissertation: Getting Literature Review Samples

Part of your dissertation proposal will be a literature review. A literature review is a little deceiving because it sounds like you are supposed to write about whether or not you liked a famous novel. This is not the case. A literature review that is required in your dissertation is basically a synopsis or summary of the various sources that you will use to prove your thesis. This review will show a basic overview of what is contained in the sources that you have used to write your dissertation.

The literature review is not just a recap of what the literature or source discusses. It should be a little more insightful containing information on your interpretation of the old material that has been presented. You will not be expected to add any of your own opinions in this section of the paper. Instead, you will discuss the views of the other people who have written about your subject. You can discuss and compare which sources have proved to be the most helpful for you or the ones that show your credibility.

Where can I find literature review samples?

It is sometimes easier to understand a writing piece if you have a sample to look at and to use as a guide. Luckily, you can find just that on the internet. There are many sources that will provide you with a sample that you can use to help understand exactly what you are supposed to be doing. If you have a copy or obtain a copy of a dissertation sample, you can see how the author has incorporated this important piece into their paper. The literature review section will incorporate all of the different sources that you will use in your paper.

This section of your dissertation is very important because it helps to build your credibility. It shows your audience that you have read and analyzed the prior data in your field of study. It also allows you to show that you have a great understanding of your topic so that the conclusions that you make in your paper will be based on solid evidence.

Be sure to only include sources that you will actually use in your paper. Adding sources that don’t pertain specifically to your topic can confuse your reader and ruin your credibility. It’s like talking about cats in a paper about dogs.