Writing a PhD Thesis: How many Pages should every Chapter Include?

There are times when a vague answer is required. In this case, a vague answer is a correct answer. How many pages should ever chapter include? As many as are needed. And we’ll explain why and how.

  1. Needs of the Chapter Dictate
  2. Don’t over do it
  3. Manage Time and Data
  4. Be in Control, just not Controlling

Needs of the Chapter Dictate

Every chapter from the Introduction to the Bibliography have their own needs. And they have to be met. So in that, the writer of the PhD Thesis needs to fill those needed pages with what needs to be there. This does not mean stuffing, but meeting the needs. The introduction needs to cover all the required information. And each thesis means that information is going to require a different need. Thus, each thesis will require a different sized introduction. This is the same for every chapter that follows.

Don’t over do it

Each Thesis is a long piece of work. And each chapter is a different size. So never be afraid of the size, just do not put more than needs to be there. Make the case, or point that needs to be made, using proper references, and go on to the next. One point may have different sub-points to it, explain them, get the information out, and move on to the next. Do not spend longer than you need to, but do not spend less either.

Manage Time and Data

Never over talk, or under talk an issue. If you need to use two or three references to a thought, then use them. If you can do it as well with one, then use just that one. If a simple explanation will get through an area, use it, or a long one for another area, use that. Too much time in one area will cause the reader to lose interest. Too little will leave them not understanding your point.

Be in Control, not Controlling

Control what goes where, but do not control it to the point that useless information is added to fill, or information is dumped to reduce size. If it needs to be there use it. If it does not, get rid of it. This is going to be a big project no matter what you do, just control what needs to go where, not the size and depth of the work. That must be as needed, not as you want it to be.