Who Can Help Me With Proofreading My Dissertation

Perfecting on your dissertation can see you earn better grades. Getting as high grades as possible is important since a dissertation assignment contributes a lot to the final score in the university or college. Spotting mistakes on your own work can, however, be difficult if you no longer have adequate time and require accomplishing other tasks as well. There are many instances under which you might need a professional proofreader for the dissertation. Proofreading is necessary for two major reasons: when the writer has not adhered to specific styling and other writing guidelines, and when you or your writer has made several grammatical errors. There are a number of sources for proofreading services:

  1. Online writing companies: Dedicated writing firms hire editing experts who are graduates or with masters and PhD in English. These will pay attention to the work and eliminate grammatical mistakes. Professional editors who are also trained in English or native English speakers can help students whose English is not the first language and who have related writing difficulties. These firms also hire experts who have written dissertations for so long and thus are very familiar with basic requirements and writing guidelines such as APA, Harvard and MLA. Many years of experience places them at a good position to identify styling mistakes.
  2. A professional editor or proofreader can commit the time and efforts required because that is his/her job. Thus it is possible to get a quality final product from him/her. Although your tutor will not help you proofread the dissertation, you can submit the work for his/her review before the final submission, once the work has been edited by the hired expert. The tutor will be able to comment on areas that need improvement. It is important to notice that many companies who hire expert dissertation writers have their own editors who check the work and assist in the editing process.

  3. Friends: If your friends have spare time, they might be willing to help in proofreading. The problem is that they have their own things to do too, and the time they are free may only be limited to a few minutes. Some friends can also ask you to pay a small fee so they can do the work.
  4. Software: Writing software is not the solution to grammatical editing. However, running the paper through some grammar software can offer a clue on issues that need attention before you give the editor to refine the work. Some of the providers of the software might only require you to sign up and run a trial. Others will charge for the services.