Dissertation Topics On Autism: Tips To Help You Choose A Great One

If you are studying for a degree with a major focused on education, the development of children, psychology, sociology or many other similar subjects then a dissertation on autism is extremely relevant to your degree. It's an interesting, important and sensitive issue which is perfect for showcasing everything that you have learned at college. Due to the massive impact autism can have on people's lives it's a subject which you can easily become very passionate about, which is crucial to producing a good thesis. If you have a passion for helping people with autism then a dissertation on the subject is an excellent idea, the difficulty is deciding exactly what the title should be.

Put your best foot forward

When you are deciding on the topic it's very important that you don't let your passion completely dictate the argument you want to put forward concerning autism. Choose something which is very relevant to your major first of all.

Once you have narrowed it down to a few topics which you're interested in and are well aligned with your major, then you can make your final decision by considering which topics will allow you to demonstrate the academic skills which you have the most confidence in. If you excel at statistical analysis then make sure there is an opportunity to use that in your topic, if you are better at research and talking directly to people then consider writing the dissertation based on a case study with extensive interviews.

Concerning the topic itself

To give you a rough guide here are five potential dissertation titles on autism:

  • Effects of schooling on the development of children with autism?
  • What is the role of autism in anti-vaccination campaigns?
  • A discussion of the moral issues surrounding autism and abortion.
  • What information can we learn from autism concerning the role of genetics in development?
  • An analysis of the relationship between autistic children and their mother/father.

Hopefully these examples will help to stimulate your imagination allowing you to come up with your own dissertation topic.

Know your Limits

One further tip is that you should try to choose a topic which is appropriate for the word limit of your dissertation. Most people will choose a topic which is much too broad and will only realise once they have begun researching. Of course it's possible to modify the scope of your question after you've begun work, but it is best to be as close as possible to the final title/topic right from the beginning.