Write At Least One Page of Your Dissertation A Day

Every time a student asks "how in the world will I ever finish my dissertation in time for the deadline" the most obvious response is "work on it every day." A dissertation assignment is considered to be a publication equivalent to a book or novel in the academic field, this means that if you wish to be successful you are going to have to work at developing a "writers discipline" and focus on working your way through the 30 000 words or more that you are required to write. The best way to approach this kind of large-scale writing assignment is to set goals for yourself and make sure that you do a little bit at a time. Try to work from an outline and set up milestones for yourself that will help determine how much you need to get done before a certain deadline that you have set for yourself. Think of each of these milestones as significant landmarks in the entire writing process.

If you have gotten this far in your academic career and still do not know how to force yourself to avoid procrastinating you may be in a bit of a tough spot when it comes to your final dissertation. It isn't impossible to learn how to write properly over an extended period, but you need to be determined enough to do it. Chances are, your dissertation will be impossible to complete overnight pulling one of those famous College "all-niters" instead, you must work through it piece by piece as if working towards a very important goal.

Have you ever heard the expression "getting started is the first step to getting finished." even with your dissertation this is very true. As soon as you begin the process, the faster you will get things done! It may take months to finish your dissertation but if you work on a little bit at a time, routinely, every single day, little by little you'll find yourself getting closure to completion.

For many this is much easier said then done, many students never complete their dissertation in time for graduation and fail to submit it to the facility. Let this be a tale of caution to those of you hoping to finish your dissertation later on, the reality is there is no time like the present to get started and work at completing it as your final academic contribution as a student.