12 Unexpected Ideas For Dissertation Topics In Architecture

Architecture is a complex mix of science and art that brings us not only the means for comfortable and safe living, but also gives us that feeling of aesthetic awe that people call inspiration. Being an architect requires you to have outstanding engineering skills as well as a developed sense of beauty. And for those who have chosen this exciting yet difficult path, here is a list of some unexpected and promising topics for a thesis according to the modern trends and research in the area.

1. Renovation of the gothic style in architecture.

Many modern architects think that there’s more to the gothic style than a remnant of the past.

2. Self-sustaining urban ecosystems.

A self-sustaining skyscraper city is a fantastic dream that can come true thanks to modern technological progress. Such a tempting, yet challenging project could be fruitful in the future.

3. 3-D printing: a new era of construction.

3-D printing can allow us to build structures in a matter of hours, creating a tremendous possibility for research and innovation.

4. Nano-technology: new possibilities for an architect.

New materials offer new possibilities. Carbon-reinforced concrete, synthetic spider web, modern polymers and other curious inventions create a great opportunity for research.

5. Biological materials in architecture.

Some biological substances can be as hard as concrete while being as flexible as rubber. Think of the limitless application possibilities.

6. Future landscape architecture: suggestions and solutions.

Many modern technologies can change our perception of landscape design. Have you got some fresh ideas?

7. Marine architecture: waterside and underwater solutions.

75% of the Earth surface is covered by water. It is time for us to start using this space wisely.

8. New technologies in the field of soil analysis.

Soil is important, because most of the buildings stand on it. Maybe, you can invent a gadget to analyze it, without getting your hands dirty.

9. Climate changes and their effect on buildings.

An interesting topic is how global climate changes affect existing architectural projects and influence future ones.

10. Natural surrounding adjustments in architecture: modern solutions.

You could create a research program examining how to improve a landscape to suit our needs, or to fit a building into it.

11. Modern digital technologies in architecture: new angles of integration.

You can research new applications for new technologies in architecture. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a patent soon.

12. Extraterrestrial architecture: how to build outside Earth.

Extraterrestrial colonization requires buildings to live, grow food and store supplies, and, of course, brave architects to design them!