Writing different types of academic essays easily

Which types of academic essays are there?

It can be a surprise to a lot of students that there actually exist several possibilities of an approach to an academic paper. Usually we just receive the topic and guidelines and do our best to write according to them. However, it is absolutely necessary to always pay attention to the type of the essay assigned to avoid some common mistakes. There are 4 most used essay types: expository, persuasive, analytical and argumentative. Of course, there exist much more types, but these are the most common and most likely to meet during your academic career.

How not to get lost among different types of essays?

These 4 types are usually quite easy to set apart. We will teach you the differences among these essays and what to keep in mind while writing a specific type.

  1. An expository essay.
  2. It is quite similar to a descriptive paper and is meant to present a general idea of your topic, usually some kind of a historical or modern event or describe your opinion about it. While writing such kind of an essay, be:

    • creative. Choose an interesting topic which will attract readers.
    • specific. Focus on one event or idea.
    • detailed. Try to give as many details as possible to create an almost visual image for the reader.
  3. An analytical essay
  4. An analytical essay is a bit more complicated than an expository one. Here you have to not only describe an event or a book, but to also analyze it from different points. It is always good to support your thoughts with sources, but don’t forget that expressing your personal response here will bring you much more points!

  5. A persuasive essay.
  6. Here you have to present your point of view regarding an arguable point and persuade your readers that your idea is correct and they shall support it too. You have to choose the point you can be confident in and will be will to fight for. Also, be sure to:

    • be clear about your point. Make yourself understandable if you need followers.
    • study your audience. It is easier to persuade people you know something about.
    • support your thoughts with evidence. Just talks will not give you much, give facts, statistics, examples and people will believe you!
  7. An argumentative essay
  8. Argumentative paper resembles a lot the persuasive type, but here you shall argue for your point as opposed to the others and show pros and cons of both rather than just support your position.