Most popular PhD thesis writing questions

Need a good question or statement for your PhD thesis? You and thousands of other students who are facing this project for the first time may panic or feel their blood pressure rise upon learning about the assignment. Depending on guidelines and field of study, it may take weeks or months to complete your thesis in order for you to obtain the degree or certification you are striving for. While there are so many topics and statements to consider, the following can help you get a general idea about some of the most popular questions being researched for PhD thesis writing content:

  • Why are there so many charges related in having a cellphone?
  • Is enough being done to prevent or control bullying in school?
  • Do beauty contests really provide any means for our society?
  • Should people of the same sex be allowed to get married?
  • What are ways to get rid of the death penalty and what should replace it?
  • Why does it cost so much to go to college or a university?
  • Why do we have more people living in poverty than those who are wealthy?
  • Why should college athletes be paid for their participation?
  • Are fast food chains really to blame for people gaining weight and dealing with obesity?
  • Has the treatment of women improved over the years?
  • Do some children gain an advantage over others who access the internet more often?
  • Should moms who stay home with their children earn income from the government?

Getting Help Forming Your Thesis Question

Consider reputable sources when seeking answers to important questions about your thesis writing. Review your concerns with your instructor and get clarification so you can produce content that meets academic expectations. Have other sources of help lined up in case you are unable to communicate with your instructor. For instance, you may consider talking with your colleague about topic selection or formatting requirements. Your school website may provide further insight about what they expect from their students during the writing process.

You may want to consider professional custom writing companies that offer writing assistance for academic projects such as dissertations and PhD thesis papers. They have knowledgeable writers with significant experience creating thesis content from scratch. You can get help organizing your findings, selecting a topic, proofreading and editing and more. Allow yourself time to work on your project and get answers to questions you may have.