Is it legal to use online PhD thesis writing services?

Writing services are popping up all over the Internet. Whatever type of writing help you need, there is someone online who will help you get the job done. These writing services have been created because teachers now can use plagiarism checkers to find whether or not a student has cheated on an essay. When you hire someone to help you complete an essay, dissertation, or PhD thesis, the writer should craft a completely unique piece that is designed just for you and your assignment.

Is It Plagiarism When You Own the Essay

Writing sites were designed so that students could avoid being accused of plagiarism. When students plagiarize, they use someone else’s work and claim it as their own. In the past, students would be accused of plagiarism if they did not properly document sources or if they turned in someone else’s essay (which was usually taken without the original author’s permission). When students buy essays and submit them to their teachers with permission from the original writer, is that plagiarism?

Writing Your Own Thesis is the Best Route to Success

Some students wonder about the legality of using an online writing site. To avoid worrying about legal issues, student should write their own papers. However, many students are so busy that they need some assistance. When it comes to PhD writing, students should write as much of the paper as possible. Earning a PhD is a big deal and students should be able to write their papers at this advanced level. If PhD students get caught with any type of plagiarism, they could seriously damage their academic and professional reputations. In most cases, student will not have to worry about legal issues, just academic ones.

Existing as Real Businesses Without Legal Questions

Writing websites would not be in business if it was against the law. These sites do get around the issue of plagiarism, because the pieces are written with the idea that the papers become the ownership of those who buy them rather than those who write them. If the sites continue to grow and more students use them, schools will eventually develop policies that will encourage students to avoid using them. Until then, students can use them, but they should be aware of the potential academic consequences which could include expulsion, which is a big deal when you are working on your PhD.