10 Tips For Dissertation Defense

At last you have begun writing your final dissertation, your proposal was accepted and your abstract got you the green light to begin your formal research. Now all you have to do is write 100+ pages, properly formatted, that make a strong defense for your thesis. Easier said than done, the dissertation writing process can take years, due to the fact that expectations are high for this kind of academic writing. If you have no time yo can run to cheap dissertation writing service and forget about problems. You final draft should be publishable by your institute. The faculty of your department wants to be assured that you are genuinely an expert in your field.

In order to make the writing process a little less stressful we have created a helpful list of 10 tips to make your Dissertation writing experience go a little bit smoother.

  1. Write
  2. Instead of backspacing, formatting and revising as you go try to write and keep writing until you hit a stopping point. Only then go back to thesis correction.

  3. Make Your Outline Based On What You Already Know
  4. This is when your personal insights and opinions will come out, write your outline first and include your own points as they come to you.

  5. Time Management & Discipline
  6. Try to set an achievable goal of 1 page or 600 words a day and stick to it.

  7. Ignore Your Audience
  8. Initially write your dissertation to please yourself only consider your audience once the dissertation is complete. This will make your defense much more personable and in depth especially when you authentically passionate your topic choice.

  9. Write Down Everything, Then Eliminate
  10. Some research that you come across will be better then others, in order to compose a strong defense write everything down in your own words then eliminate the weakest arguments.

  11. Look for Alternative Resources
  12. Including first hand accounts and interviews are one example of an alternative resource. Try to find examples in unexpected places as well as drawing from publications.

  13. Stay Objective
  14. It is your responsibility to remain objective and firm to defendable facts

  15. Write what interests you
  16. If you are struggling with your dissertation defense write about something that interests you about the topic, and see if you can explore that concept further in your writing.

  17. Remind Yourself Why You Chose That Topic
  18. Something must of attracted you to this topic to begin with. Tap into those ideas there must be a good reason why you’ve decided to invest your time defending this particular thesis.

  19. Get advice

If you get stuck, get some advice from your faculty mentor or peer. Occasionally talk about an issue can inspire ideas.