MBA Dissertation Proposal Writing Tips

Before you are able to write your MBA Dissertation, which many colleges require you to complete so that you can graduate, you need to first have the topic approved. This proposal to your professor is very important so that you are able to write the dissertation you want to write. If you don't know what to do to get your proposal approved, though, you may be stuck. A few tips can assist you in getting the proposal accepted.

Make sure your proposal is clear.

If you proposal a dissertation that isn't easily understood by your teacher, he or she may reject it and ask you to start over. This wastes your time as well as their time. The best way to do this is to be concise and don't add in extra stuff to make the proposal seem more important or make you look more intelligent. Get to the point and tell your professor how you plan to research this topic you have pitched.

Make sure your topic can be researched.

You may have a great idea for a paper, but if can't be properly and thoroughly researched, there is no point in pitching it in your proposal. The point of this proposal is to make sure you aren't choosing topics that can't be written about properly.

Make sure you use correct writing.

Even though this is only the proposal, you need to use correct MBA dissertation writing to show your professor you know how to write the paper correctly. In your proposal make sure you have a question or a problem and your hypothesis. Tell how you will research this and why it should be researched. Talk about the different outcomes and how each is important to your hypothesis. Write all of this in the proper format so that it is taken seriously. The proposal should be no more than four pages, and at least two pages.

Be prepared to elaborate.

Be prepared to elaborate your proposal if you haven't added enough information. Also be prepared to rewrite points that are not clear. If you have done your research on the topic you selected this shouldn't be hard to do.

Writing your MBA dissertation proposal can be just as important as writing the dissertation because you need this to be approved before you can write the dissertation. Also, this is where you'll get the majority of your research and points developed before you start writing the dissertation. Take this seriously and follow these tips to get your proposal approved.