Thesis Writing Help Online: How to Get What You Pay for

Writing a thesis can be a difficult and frustrating for any graduate or undergraduate student. After procrastinating for most of the semester, the pressure is on. Sometimes, professors are not available for every question. This is where online writing help comes in. There are several websites from colleges around the country and plenty of blogs that can help at all hours of the night, and the weekend! When paying for help, it is always best to know exactly what you are paying for, and for a good price!

  • Research
  • Read the Fine Print
  • Review Credentials
  • Email Your Writer


By doing diligent research about a potential writing and help service, you will be able to see reviews, comments, and concerns about the company. By going on review websites, the company will not be able to hide any blemishes on their record. Try to contact a representative from the company, and ask questions about past client’s experiences.

Read the Fine Print

By reading the fine print, you are able to know the little details that are included and excluded when you purchase help or an edit from a website. Exclusions can include revisions for free, or an extra charge for a thesis over a certain amount of pages. Make sure that revisions, flat fees, and time sensitivity are all included in your “contract.” There should be options about how your paper is written: format, margins, and reference pages.

Review Credentials

By visiting a page’s FAQ section, you may be able to read the writer’s credentials. This way, you will be able to see what the writer’s specialties are, and what their strongest type of writing is. Online classes may be available for a small fee and many websites also have a blog section that gives students motivation and some videos. Videos on the website can include introductions to writing academic papers.

Email Your Writer

If the service allows it, privately message one of the writers on staff. Explain to the writer what you are having difficulties with, and how you would like your thesis to read. This way, the writer will be able to guide you towards the direction you would like to go in. In addition, the writer may be able to send you website links to advice blogs that will give you more information that will be useful