Looking for Psychology Dissertation Topics: How to Find the Original Ones

Psychology is that branch of science which studies about human’s mind, behavior and its function. It is a very interesting field and most of the students choose it just because it offers a lot of opportunities to explore the psyche of people. The psychology students at undergrad, grad and post graduation level are required to submit a dissertation on their chosen topic in order to attain their degree. It is a mandatory requirement which doesn’t have any other alternative.

Psychology dissertation writing tips:

The following are some useful tips for writing a psychology dissertation:

  • You must be wise in your topic selection and should allocate ample amount of time for this process.
  • Dissertation of any kind requires time and dedication. You must be organized early and must have an active approach towards your task.
  • In order to write psychology dissertation, you need to have good observation skills, especially when you are conducting an interview or a survey.
  • You must identify your shortcomings in the subject and if necessary, take any workshops to fill the gaps in your knowledge about the subject.
  • You really need to think ‘out of the box’ while researching on psychology subject.
  • Make sure that you have constant meetings with your dissertation supervisor for taking the right input on the work you have done so far.

Top topics to choose for writing a psychology dissertation:

The following is a list of some hot topics to choose for writing a psychology dissertation at any level:

  • The effectiveness of play therapy for traumatized children.
  • How learning a second language affects the long term memory of the people.
  • How the life of transgender is different from others.
  • What effect can a trauma play in the mind of the person when he grows up?
  • How can one cope with the flashes of a traumatic incident?
  • Why victims of bullying do not report the authorities about the bullying incidents they experience.
  • Why mothers know the psychology of their toddlers better than the fathers.
  • Is the theory about ‘Grandmother Cells’ a myth or a fact?
  • What is the connection between your brain and the anxiety disorders
  • Does MRI scans give a valid indication about the working of human brain?
  • Why emotional memory is more significantly stored in the mind of the people as compared to happy memory?