Dissertation Topics About Gender: Top 20 Original Suggestions

Gender discrimination and women’s sexuality has been the moot point of debate for long. It has gained credence ever since women’s liberation in 1960’s and fervent talks on women empowerment. It has actually given rise on a spate of dissertations on the graded topic.

  • Status of women
  • Your dissertation should shed light on the status and extant merits of the fair sexing different pockets of the world. While the situation is actually drastically oppressive in many African countries, even countries like USA shows women in bad light in several books and movies. The treatment of immigrants is another eyesore.

  • The strengthening factors
  • You should extensively check out credible resources to augment and authenticate your dissertation. Placing half truths will tend to mislead readers. You should back your opinions and perspectives with strong logics, facts and figures.

  • A quality dissertation
  • Since you have picked such a sensitive topic for your dissertation, it becomes your responsibility to present a vivid, sequential and comprehensive piece which may be a beacon to the way women are treated in future. You should assess the points from various standpoints and then synthesize it with perspectives of scholars.

Here are 20 authentic and original dissertation topics on gender

  1. Impact of racism on gender discrimination
  2. A study on the feeling of segregation among female immigrants
  3. A treatise on anti-feminism
  4. Are multicultural enterprises leading to communion of races and resultant gender disparity?
  5. Shocking revelations on female feticide and pertinent solutions
  6. Will women empowerment lead to an antagonistic kind of gender discrimination?
  7. Do women’s rights extend to their choice on infidelity?
  8. Disparate stories of oppression of native people in developed countries
  9. A wholesome study on women’s liberation and their involvement in big companies and aggressive sports
  10. Is In Vitro Fertilization going to open a whole new box of shells?
  11. How right were the ancestors in shifting the power differential towards patriarchy?
  12. Assess oppressed state of women in rural areas and vitiated treatment of sterile women
  13. Is Africa suffering more from racism or superstitions: Impact on gender discrimination
  14. Analyze meritorious cases of domestic violence
  15. Impact of children in families with wholly patriarchal system in place
  16. A treatise on Catholic strictness on abortion
  17. Analyze the disparate perceptions about women in developed and non-developed countries
  18. Assess the dynamics of objectification of women in movies worldwide
  19. Assess the difference in viewpoint: Black women in white countries vis-à-vis white women in black countries
  20. Inhumane utilization of women by crime syndicate