Some Original Forensic Psychology Dissertation Ideas

If you have reached the point in your academic year where you have to write a forensic psychology dissertation you are more than likely applying for graduate school, enrolled in a graduate program or writing a book for your research university. Either way your dissertation should be interesting and original. A dissertation idea may be the make or break it piece that will lead you towards success. It is important to have something original so that others may actually learn from your dissertation and then other people in the academia may add to the information or take from it. Below are some original forensic psychology dissertation ideas:

Suspect Identification

There is a lot of new literature about how having a certain amount of people lined up and saying “one of these people did the crime and you have to pick which one,” construing a victim’s or witness’s perception and memory of the crime. There is new findings that doing the identification of a suspect or accomplice of the crime will make the victim/witness pick someone who was possibly not even a part of the crime or is completely innocent. More literature and information is needed in this topic and would make a great psychology dissertation. Focusing on the psychology of the victim and how to better the identification process.

Sex Offender Laws

It would be an interesting take to a forensic psychology dissertation if studies and information was gathered to describe the view of the sex offender and their community experience. Many of these offenders may have been wrongly accused, mistakenly accused, or may actually have committed the crime. A dissertation on their experience, on how their crime affects their ability to make community friendships compared to criminals of other felonies would be original and an asset to the forensic psychology world.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Retirees

People who work in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are involved in high stress cases, making choices that could possibly affect an entire cities jurisdiction, and help make technology to better crime prevention for the United States of America. If people who have calmer and less demanding jobs have mental issues and mental stress, it is expected employees of the FBI will have higher chances of mental disorders, studying this subject could give your dissertation the edge it needs.