How to write a Thesis: common Challenges 

The most important step in writing a thesis is the structure and organization. If you have successfully outlined and analyzed what has to be written and done under what heading, then half of your work is finished. Even though this may appear a very small portion of the total but it actually matters the most.

Here is the outline you should follow while organizing each page.

  • The dedication
  • State who is your thesis dedicated to
  • It can be one person or more than one
  • Should be no longer than three paragraphs

The table of contents

  • Must include everything which is present in the thesis
  • Must follow the exact structure
  • Must include all the numbered pages
  • Bibliography and glossary are included in a separate page

The abstract

  • Precise and brief
  • Must not have any discontinuity
  • Includes the thesis statement
  • Summarizes the methodology of research and data collection
  • Gives a brief overview of the subject
  • Brief insight to the findings
  • One or two concluding lines

The Introduction 

  • Must clearly state the topic
  • Must depict the importance of the topic
  • Must be clear and concise
  • Leaves a curiosity to attract the reader for more
  • Must explain what the thesis is about

The hypothesis

  • Shows where is the problem
  • Explains how will your thesis address the problem
  • Explains why there was a need for further research on the topic
  • Explains why the previous research on the topic was not enough

The conclusion

  • Should be precise and relevant
  • Must be able to tell how has the thesis been successful in addressing a problem
  • Must summarize the whole dissertation
  • Must not miss any important point
  • Must show how the thesis makes sense logically
  • Must be able to leave an impression in the readers mind and give him some food for thought
  • Can include a question, a call to action or a warning
  • Must not be repetitive

If all these portions are organized and have a well-planned outline like the one above it will be very easy to do the rest of the writing. A student may add or remove a portion from the above listed if required.

It is very important for the student to have a structured approach and complete his outline first. Once the outline is done then the student can easily write the rest of his thesis based on the points he has made in his outline.