Nursing Dissertation Topics: What Are the Common Topics?

Deciding on a nursing dissertation topic can be rather difficult. If you cannot find an interesting idea, use one of the suggestions listed below.

  1. What are the medical risks for patients with prostate cancer?

    This is one of the most common types of cancer in the world. This paper should explain what people suffering from it must avoid at all costs.

  2. How to manage chronic pain.

    There are many techniques in both traditional and alternative medicine that offer help with chronic pain. You will need to choose one direction and explore it from different angles. Be sure to list both the pros and cons of every treatment.

  3. Health problems brought on by natural disasters.

    List what kinds of epidemics occur in the places struck by natural disasters. Explain why many of them are similar, even if the phenomena that caused the tragedies are different. Offer effective methods of reducing the health risks, and controlling epidemics that will definitely break down.

  4. Is regular exercise really effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases?

    Offer some solid evidence that supports your side of the argument, and dig up some more in order to crush the most effective arguments of your opponents. Explain the mechanics of the human body in order to help the readers understand how heart diseases occur and how exactly exercising affects them.

  5. Are the majority of children’s diseases born from poverty?

    Study the statistics in order to learn how the level of a family’s income and their children’s health are connected. Determine the reasons that cause the most common childhood diseases.

  6. Does community nursing actually improve the quality of life of elderly people?

    Explain what community nursing is and how this system has evolved over the years. Study statistics that will help you understand the effects this service has on the elderly.

  7. The effects of nuclear waste on the health of humans.

    Study the effects that nuclear waste has on different aspects of a person’s health. Do not forget to mention how this threat affects society as a whole, and the programs that are implemented to reduce the risks of contamination.

  8. Is passive smoking harmful?

    Compare the effects of passive and active smoking, and determine which is more dangerous. Offer some ideas that can help reduce the risks of passive smoking.

  9. The effects of stress on factory workers.

    Choose a specific factory as your case study project, and determine the reasons that cause its workers to become stressed. Examine the effects this has on their bodies and efficiency.