10 Tips On How To Write An Introduction To A PhD Dissertation

There are very good reasons why you need to learn how to write a good introduction to your PhD dissertation. A lot of people hardly ever take this into consideration, but the importance of the introduction is such that you should never take it for granted. Considering that most lecturers read through the introduction before they are able to decide what to expect of the paper, the following are some of the main points that should help you write a very good one:

  1. Never make the mistake of admitting in the introduction that you do not know what you are doing, or that you are not an expert in the field. Do not even think of using statements such as “in my opinion”
  2. Do not make the mistake of announcing your intentions earlier on. This means that you have to stay as far away as possible from statements such as “the purpose of this paper is to”
  3. Do not make the mistake of using dictionary meanings in this section. A lot of students make this mistake often, in an attempt to make the reader believe that they are going all professional, but it works against them. Things like “according to Oxford Dictionary, a plumber is…” should not feature in the introduction
  4. Get to the point. Most students waste a lot of time beating about the bush when all they need to do is to move swiftly and confidently to the paper, delving into the issues at hand
  5. Get the reader’s interest. You need to figure out a way to speak to the innermost needs of your readers. You need to research into this because you will never know for sure who is marking your paper, so write an introduction that will appeal to anyone
  6. Have a hook. This is an illustration that will help you in getting the reader into perspective. A hook has to be interesting and specific
  7. Transitional sentence – this is supposed to bridge the hook and the rest of the paper
  8. You should have one or two sentences in the introduction that will summarize the main points
  9. Start off with humor, famous quotes, surprise facts and so forth
  10. Research: in most cases, you can do some research into what others have done in the same field in the past.