How To Make References In An APA Master’s Dissertation

When you are writing your MLA Master’s dissertation, you will want to insert references and then correctly cite them in the paper. You will also need a correctly formatted reference page. These citations will be in-text parenthetical. There are dozens for different sources that can be sued with each of them requiring a distinct style. You will want to find an online or hard copy guide to have handy when you work on this paper.

You may also want to hire a tutor or a writing company to help you with this process, as it can be quite detailed. At the least, you could have an expert proof the paper once you had written it. Here are a few pretend citations for references, which would be included on your reference page:

  • Thesis Abstracts
  • Young, L. (1991). Critiques in Asian Modern Literature. Dissertation Abstracts World Version, 86, 8842B.

  • Encyclopedia and Reference Entries
  • Government mental and Procedural
  • National Studies of United States Population. (2000). Population as defined by Race and Gender (DHHS Publication No. ADM 100-1889). Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office.

  • Business Conference Notes and Minutes
  • Schniedermore, M.K., & Rogers, M.L. (Eds). (2002). Proceedings from CSCL -02: The First Conference on Applied Computer Support for Educational Studies. Mahawh, NJ: Erlbaum.

As you can see, each one is very distinct in formatting. And then each will be unique in the intext citation. If the author is known, but not mentioned in text, such as a quote, the intext citation would look like so: (Smith, 1999, p. 299). This would follow the quote or material used that is credited to Smith immediately after the closing punctuation mark. There will be different variations on the intext citations, as well. If the source is paraphrased, it might read something like this: According to Smith (1999), the study found the results to be inconclusive. Or it could look like this: Joan Smith (2002) found the “results of the test to be inconclusive ( p. 299).

As you reference your APA Master’s Dissertation, use this guide, plus a full guide to help you with your intext citations for reference and for your reference page. Do yourself a favor, and when you have finished the dissertation, hire an expert to check and polish your document for you. The support system will be well worth the cost you will pay for the service.