How Is A PH.D. Dissertation Different From A Master’s Thesis?

After you have earned your bachelor's degree, there are two options you can choose from when you are looking into going to graduates school.  You can get your PH.D., or you can get your master’s degree.  Most student chooses to go with their master’s degree because it takes less time, usually, two to three years, and you can receive more financial aid for this degree then your doctoral degree. While a doctoral degree can take up to eight years to complete and maybe longer if you are a part-time student.

Master’s Thesis

During the time that you are working on your master’s degree, you will be doing classes and exams for this degree.  And certain fields of study require you to complete an internship or something else that will give you experience in your field.  While most master programs do require a thesis, they can also be replaced by an exam that covers everything that you learned.  Which can be easier because then you don’t have to figure out something new in your field of study that is required for your thesis.

PH.D. Dissertation

Obviously getting your doctoral degree is a higher degree to achieve but it takes twice as long to complete.  Of the four to eight years that you are working towards your PH.D., you will spend two to three years on course work and then the remaining working on your dissertation.  If you don’t know what a dissertation entails then I will tell you, it is a research study that is designed to find new knowledge for a subject in your field.  This work has to be well researched and written and be worthy of publication.  And since this degree program is more pricey then your master’s, you have to figure out different ways to cover the cost that financial aid doesn’t through scholarships, assistantships, loans. But at some universities you can be hired by the school to do your research in exchange paying for your tuition.

Things To Take Into Consideration Before Choosing Which Program Is Right For You

  • What job can I get with my degree?  Depending on the job you want, you might only need to have a master’s degree but if you want a more advanced job then, you will have to get a doctoral.
  • Consider the time and money it will cost for each program.
  • Which degree program will benefit me the most?

When you are getting ready to choose your graduate program, keep in mind that they thesis and dissertations are very similar because they both require you to find something new in your field.  Just remember to ask yourself those questions before you start to choose which degree you want to accomplish.