How To Write A Proper Dissertation Dedication: Tips & Examples

A dissertation dedication is a section that includes details about anyone that has helped during the time that you have been doing your course. You can find out more information on who to include later on in this article. Is a dissertation dedication needed?

Whilst many sections of a dissertation are compulsory, the dedication is entirely optional. As a result, it is down to personal choice as to whether or not you choose to include a dedication in your paper.

Where to include a dissertation page

If you do choose to include a dedication in your paper then it should be positioned after the approval page. It is worth noting, though, that as an optional extra, the dedication page is not included in the word count, nor should it be numbered or listed in the table of contents.

Style guidelines for writing a proper dissertation dedication

Whilst you may need to follow very strict writing and style guidelines whilst writing the rest of your paper, there are no formatting or style requirements whilst writing a dedication. As a result, it makes it a lot easier to express yourself as genuinely as possible without worrying about falling foul of any formatting requirements.

Of course, despite not having any strict guidelines to follow, it is advisable to write the section as professionally as possible. If you are choosing to have the rest of the work proofread and edited, then there is no harm in getting this section checked over as well. Even if it is an optional extra, it is important that you maintain high standards throughout the entirety of the paper.

Who to include in a dissertation dedication

If you’re think about including a dedication then you may be wondering who what to include in the section. Essentially, you can include whoever you like and it will generally be concerned with anyone that you feel has supported you during your graduate studies. Quite often, people may include teachers, friends, parents and other relatives, and anyone else that has lent their support.

It is worth noting, however, that you shouldn’t necessarily use the dedication to recognise anyone who may have helped you with any of your academic research. Instead, if you wish to show your gratitude for any support of this nature, then it is best to do so in the acknowledgements page.